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5k Run

Name City State Country Time
Katy Stephenson Indianapolis IN US 0:37:59.0
Emily Brown Indianapolis IN US 0:37:59.0
Molly Hartman Carmel IN US 0:45:46.2
Christie Yoder Brownsburg IN US 0:54:33.0
Josh Yoder Brownsburg IN US 0:54:33.0
Anne Scott Chicago IL US 0:54:33.0
Jennifer Martin Tonganoxie KS US 0:39:41.0
Betsy Christman Zionsville PA US 0:50:20.0
Chrisse Rees Fulton MO US 1:00:26.0
Danielle Cyriaque Raleigh NC US 1:03:06.0
Beth Gootee Indianapolis IN US 0:56:45.0
Elizabeth Kelley Mechanicsville VA 0:43:08.0
Emily Mason East China MI US 0:43:10.0
Susan Schrier Rohnert Park CA US 0:51:20.0
Magaly Thurman Camp Carroll Waegwan South Korea 0:26:03.0
Doris Bjornstedt Indianapolis IN US 1:25:24.0
Richard King Rockwood PA US 0:29:37.0
Mindy Warman Brownsburg IN US 0:36:23.0
Brynda Woerner Avon IN US 0:50:47.0
Kristi Kissick Indianapolis IN US 0:50:47.0
Charlene Williams Jacksonville FL US 0:47:59.0
Erica Jubb Rocklin CA US 0:29:00.0
Denise Jones Colorado Springs CO US 0:44:00.0
Karen Sprague Zephyrhills FL US 1:15:30.0
Prudence Dabruzzi Lake Wylie SC US 0:35:10.0
Lesley Bement Myrtle Beach SC US 0:53:14.0
Rhonda Hatley Jacksonville FL US 0:46:43.0
Andrea Wiley Brazil IN US 0:30:22.0
Kimberly Avant Kaufman TX US 0:49:43.0
Bartley Cross Canton GA US 0:45:30.0
Britani Rebelo Medford OR US 0:44:43.0
Norma Morin Odem TX US 0:34:22.0
Krista Dayhoff Clay City IN US 0:57:25.0
Whitney Reece Clay City IN US 0:57:25.0
Paige Thomas Hickory KY US 0:38:30.0
Catherine McGeorge Jacksonville NC US 0:49:38.0

10k Run

Name City State Country Time
Debra K Shissler Dell Rapids SD US 1:49:31.0
Jeanen France Lincoln NE US 2:29:10.0
Evie Parsons Sidney NE US 2:06:34.0
Shelley Asselin Prairie Village KS US 1:10:41.0
Nicole Liotta Fishers IN US 0:54:10.0
Christina Smits Green Bay WI US 1:25:15.0
Jessica Durbin Terre Haute IN US 1:51:35.0
Judy Sheldon Terre Haute IN US 1:51:35.0
April Comer Terre Haute IN US 1:51:35.0

15k Run

Name City State Country Time
Naomi Adkins Pikeville KY US 3:22:21.0
Robert Migchelbrink Savannah GA US 1:32:57.0
April Cooper Marietta OH US 2:09:40.0

Half Marathon

Name City State Country Time
Denise Smallwood Pikeville KY US 3:41:16.0
Yolanda Bowling Pikeville KY US 3:41:16.0
Dana Mulkey Shelbiana KY US 3:59:16.0
Tabitha Easterling Elkhorn City KY 3:12:42.0
Natalie Rowe Pikeville KY US 3:26:41.0
Kelli Sowards Pikeville KY US 3:01:22.0
Summer Lovern Banner KY US 3:56:12.0
Rob Beeler Carmel IN US 1:46:17.0
Julia Streib Boulder MT US 2:45:09.0
Taylor Tichenor Bloomington IN US 2:12:23.2
Mary Ann Stafford Memphis TN US 2:00:00.0
Michelle Ludlow Gas City IN US 2:28:04.0
Bethany Kirkwood Marion IN US 2:28:04.0
Autumn Beatty Richmond IN US 2:44:01.0
Tracey Freeman Richmond IN US 2:44:01.0
Brian Hanley Denville NJ US 1:47:48.0