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5k Run

Name City State Country Time Map Link
Jill Gorrie Glendale AZ US 0:52:45.0
Susan Cunningham Indianapolis IN US 9:59:59.9
Amy Zahn Indianapolis IN US 0:34:31.0
Britani Rebelo Medford OR US 0:46:34.0
Lora Bryniarski Kenosha WI US 0:28:12.0
Marianna Fudge Fishers IN US 0:28:13.0
Dawn Neely Morgantown WV US 0:32:18.0
Mary Therese Durkin Waukegan IL US 0:44:56.0
Magaly thurman APO AP US 0:27:47.0
Gail Galusky Indianapolis IN US 0:33:16.4
Kay J Gee Greenwood IN US 0:36:46.0
Ashley Pond Fredericksburg VA US 0:28:51.0
Angel Turner Smithville MO US 0:45:41.0
Alison Walters Beech Grove IN US 0:55:49.0
Gina Wittles Carmel IN US 0:31:23.0
Miriam Miller Macy IN US 1:09:00.0
Tisha Titus Atlanta GA US 1:02:35.0
Jon Christian Salem SC US 0:27:15.0
Mark Fraley Chicago IL US 0:47:03.0
Amanda Bales Amarillo TX US 0:29;35.0
Annette Carrillo Fredericksburg VA US 0:43:00.0
Jerry Osterkamp Dearborn MI US 0:52:25.0
Kim Jackman Sabetha KS US 0:33:13.0
Cindy Cummins Lawrenceville IL US 0:26:35.0
Kate Lopez Carmel IN US 0:38:11.0
Andrea Eason Tacoma WA US 0:33:16.0
Ashley Allen APO AE US 1:08:42.0
Maureen Isakson Chicago IL US 0:36:00.0
Kari Quinn Henderson NV US 0:56:09.0
Kari Perry Polk NE US 0:52:12.0
Laura Lawson APO AP US 0:41:00.0
Angelic Bell Indianapolis IN US 0:54:02.0
Chad Monroe Grand Rapids MI US 0:39:44.0
Sarah Monroe Comstock Park MI US 0:40:27.0
Rebecca Sorensen Tinley Park IL US 0:31:53.0
Susanna Goodman Terre Haute IN US 0:49:48.0
Jody Willis Jonesville VA US 0:35:49.0
Angie Gutt Fishers IN US 0:24:10.0
Angela Kanish San Diego CA US 1:05:08.0
Nada Jimenez Brownsburg IN US 0:56:19.0
Destiny Simpson Central City KY US 0:51:00.0
David Porter Muncie IN US 0:30:32.0
Heather Morgan Danville PA US 0:38:45.0
Monica Cummings Bristol IN US 1:02:13.0
Susanna Goodman Terre Haute IN US 0:49:48.0
Amanda Dixon Cicero IN US 0:28:14.0
Janet Downey Cheraw SC US 0:48:02.0
Jorge Lopez Los Angeles CA US 0:35:22.0
Michelle Bridges Los Angeles CA US 0:35:22.0
Marc Bauman Indianapolis IN US 1:01:00.0
Veronica McAchran Meridian ID US 0:55:06.0
Amye Kersey Lebanon IN US 0:46:11.0
Kristal Stewart Terre Haute IN US 0:40:32.0
Jessica Crots Franklin IN US 0:26:00.0
Saundra Lewis Tewksbury MA US 0:46:01.0
Robin Burdeshaw Newnan GA US 2:08:00.0
Kristi Rathunde Chicago IL US 0:28:53.0
Emily Glover Kokomo IN US 0:33:00.0
Erin Conley Chicago IL US 0:31:41.0
Rochelle Rauth Waynesboro PA US 0:33:51.0
Katie Nelson Banbury OXON UK 0:43:43.0
Marisela Ramirez San Antonio TX US 0:44:37.0
Matthew OConnor Genoa IL US 0:29:08.0
Maggie Meyer Byron IL US 0:30:58.0
April Thompson Wheeling WV US 0:53:06.0
Michelle Carlin Round Rock TX US 0:31:09.0
Kurt Theil Port Stanley ON CA 0:37:00.0
Jason Deveau Branlford ON CA 0:31:26.0
Rick Jessup Newmarket ON CA 0:31:54.0
Juanita Davis Tyrone GA US 0:51:54.0
Caitlyn Edwards Rawlins WY US 0:34:08.0
Brendon Edwards Rawlins WY US 0:34:08.0
Joanne Chirico Monaca PA US 0:24:02.0
Kristen Stanger Elk Grove CA US 0:24:39.0
Kattie Lewis Emerson IA US 1:12:09.0
Brad Lewis Emerson IA US 1:12:09.0
Mandi Neumann Highlands NC US 0:40:10.0
Rebecca Cass Indianapolis IN US 0:46:21.0
Christine Keough Indianapolis IN US 0:34:40.0
Michelle Weiser Giddings TX US 0:33:25.0
Brenna Colyn Norco CA US 0:52:00:0
Lynn McCandless Fayetteville NC US 0:30:29.0
Christen Smith Greenwood IN US 0:28:06.0
Kaci Schmidt Lafayette IN US 0:34:24.0
Stefani Szalay-Domm Rochester NY US 0:31:19.0
Tom Riedel Indianapolis IN US 0:30:17.0
Marcia Locke Indianapolis IN US 0:47:05.0
Andrea Demien Indianapolis IN US 0:35:29.0
Danielle Shown Portland OR US 0:29:12.0
Michael Shown Portland OR US 0:29:12.0
Samantha Buckley Portland OR US 0:38:29.0
Teresa Marsden Elizabethtown KY US 0:26:44.0
Stan Taylor Westerville OH US 0:31.22.0

Half Marathon

Name City State Country Time Map Link
Elaine Gott East Syracuse NY US 2:15:16.0
Andrew Hardy South Bend IN US 2:35:19.7
Jessie Hardy South Bend IN US 2:35:30.3
Emily Southwick Oak Harbor WA US 2:49:05.0
Janie Montague Dayton OH US 3:15:32.0
Heather Fitzgerald Redwood City CA US 2:17:34.0
Laura Brents Spring TX US 3:21:24.0
Keith Brents Spring TX US 3:21:24.0
Nikki Draves Effingham IL US 4:05:12.0
Dana Keim Lanark IL US 1:56:23.0
Brian Free St Joseph MO US 1:51:46.0 Brian's Run
Faith Roberts Litchfield IL US 0:33:32.0
Casey Parr El Paso TX US 2:22:19.0
Gillian Barker Los Lunas NM US 2:25:00.0
Kathy Ohlerking Aurora CO US 3:45:10.0
Kris Hohulin Watson IL US 2:20:02.0
Paul Evans Lexington KY US 2:47:51.0