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5K Run/Walk

Name City State Country Time
Molly Hartman Carmel IN US 0:47:42.0
Tamiko McGurk Kingman IN US 0:45:55.0
Lesley Bement Myrtle Beach SC US 0:52:25.0
Susanna Goodman Terre Haute IN US 0:50:11.0
Elaine McCrudden Farnborough Hampshire UK 1:01:01.0
Greg Smith Anderson IN US 0:45:22.0
Jessica Knelly Morrisville PA US 0:43:28.9
Julie Boots Springfield IL US 0:30:32.0
Laura Navarrete Columbus IN US 0:32:38.0
Sue Peterson Delta UT US 0:27:35.1
Rachelle Price Chicago IL US 0:35:27.0
Danielle Rangel Ontario CA US 0:51:38.0
Cindy Cummins Lawrenceville IL US 0:26:35.0
Paul Kilanowski Peru IL US 0:33:13.0
Mindy Warman Brownsburg IN US 0:36:50.0
R William McConahy III Cincinnati OH US 0:30:52.4
Lisa Werner Carmel IN US 1:06:29.0
Susan Cline Indianapolis IN US 0:43:15.0
Jane Harker Bedford IN US 0:52:20 0
Megan Beers Reading PA US 0:46:19.0
Justin Sommer St Joseph MO US 0:22:57.0
Christina Keel Fishers IN US 0:54:46.0
Janet Nguyen Indianapolis IN US 0:31:41.3
Marquita Burns Billings MT US 0:27:34.0
Josie McKay Carmel IN US 0:30:35.0
Magaly Thurman APO AP US 0:28:45.0
Michelle Walsh Glendale AZ US 0:37:19.0
Susan Schier Rohnert Park CA US 0:52:37.0
Holly Seiferth Pepperell MA US 0:36:27.0
Christen Smith Greenwood IN US 0:28:06.0
Ann Whelan Indianapolis IN US 0:40:51.2
Michele Gold San Antonio TX US 0:30:31.0
Jessica Durbin Terre Haute IN US 0:55:33.0
April Comer Terre Haute IN US 0:55:33.0
Judy Sheldon Terre Haute IN US 0:55:33.0
Bob Mayo Windham ME US 0:30:45.0
Saundra Lewis Tewksbury MA US 0:40:24.0
James Kulikowski Columbia MD US 0:39:57.6
Kim Ayers Kirksville MO US 1:40:27.0
Jeremy Bruce Berea OH US 0:31:49.0
Marissa Edelman Riverside CA US 0:52:00.0
John Domm Rochester NY US 0:28:50.0
Stefani Szalay-Domm Rochester NY US 0:31:19.0
Benjamin Lumens Lovagny France 0:24:06.0
Diana Rockey Lessburg IN US 0:32:23.0
Kristy Kinsey McCordsville IN US 0:48:48.0
Amy Partridge Carmel IN US 0:33:43.1
Samantha Partridge Carmel IN US 0:33:33.1
Kimberly Pierce Fishers IN US 0:36:00.0
Cheryl Wistrom Fishers IN US 0:43:46.0
Jenalina Santiago Tiverton RI US 0:37:32.6
Molly Narber Haymarket VA US 0:31:42.3
Kettie Mothersead Avon IN US 0:23:23.3
Anna Scott Indianapolis IN US 1:03:06.0
Jason Deveau Brantford ON CA 0:27:10.0
Armand Lumens Lovagny France 0:24:08.0
Nicole Kosik Indianapolis IN US 0:29:08.1
Corinne Clark Red Bank NJ US 0:37:22.0
Annette Schiro Slidell LA US 0:51:28.0
Kristi Rathunde Chicago IL US 0:32:17.0
Erin Conley Chicago IL US 0:36:23.0
Pascale van Mouwerik Berlaar Antwerp Belgium 0:36:00.0
Kurt van Mouwerik Berlaar Antwerp Belgium 0:36:00.0
Kimberly Minzel Nine Mile Falls WA US 0:45:09.0
Jarrod Long Fishers IN US 0:33:27.0
Elizabeth Kelley Mechanicsville VA US 0:44:23.0