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You’ll find all of the BOOM Shakalaka Virtual racer photo submissions (prior to October 31, new ones can be posted in our Virtual Community) in the Photo Gallery

Half Marathon

Name City State Country Time Map Link
Candace Dallinger Lafayette IN US 1:53:02.0
David Porter Muncie IN US 2:22:26.0
Brian Yensho Indianapolis IN US 3:00:00.0
Kenneth Cantrell Lake Elsinore CA US 2:26:00.0 Kenneth's Run
Barb Anthony West Haven CT US 1:56:08.0
Jean Lynch Wakefield MA US 1:58:27.0
Nicole Keeling Sheridan IN US 3:31:34.0
Vasu Polu Fishers IN US 2:26:40.0
Christy Vincent Mundelein IL US 2:54:00.0
Arthur Thornton Montgomery AL US 3:10:23.0
Stefani Szalay-Domm Rochester NY US 2:31:44.0
Stacie Barnard Farmington NY US 2:31:44.0
Paul Evans Lexington KY US 2:45:59.0
Randall Woodruff Avon IN US 1:31:55.0
Eric Crosby Tinley Park IL US 1:48:30.0
Melinda Wakefield Fort Thomas KY US 3:47:52.0
Elizabeth Kelley Mechanicsville VA US 3:17:22.0
Kate Fischer Noblesville IN US 1:42:16.0
Kelsea Kohler Denver CO US 1:50:52.0
Kate Fischer Noblesville IN US 1:42:16.0
Michelle Mexcur Cedar Rapids IA US 3:38:22.0
Jim Paul Marshalltown IA US 1:34:30.0
Laura Lawson APO AP US 2:51:49.0
Kathy Ohlerking Aurora CO US 3:47:15.0
Tisha Titus Atlanta GA US 3:52:34.0
Stephanie Monical Bloomington IL US 2:44:29.0
Chris Sterrett Indianapolis IN US 2:08:54.0
Trisha Sterrett Indianapolis IN US 3:39:27.0
Genelle Martinez APO AE US 2:02:00.0
Rachel Henning Burlington IA US 2:50:00.0
Theresa Lacher Camby IN US 2:30:15.7
Elizabeth Culver San Antonio TX US 2:26:33.0
Hali Van Baren Del Rio TX US 2:26:55.0
Angie Tidwell Bartlett TN US 3:01:15.0
Michele Mueller Fishers IN US 3:11:08.0
Bethany Kirkwood Marion IN US 2:26:42.0
Chandra Madden Memphis TN US 2:40:05.0
Michelle Ludlow Gas City IN US 2:26:42.0
Angie Hela San Diego CA US 3:09:15.0

5k Run

Name City State Country Time Map Link
Lora Bryniarski Kenosha WI US 0:31:05.0
Brian Devers Anderson IN US 0:32:54.0
Andrea DeMien Indianapolis IN US 0:31:19.0
Carmel Lewis Anderson IN US 0:23:11.0
Amy Briggs Nineveh IN US 0:56:18.0
Lesley Bement Myrtle Beach SC US 0:53:09.0
Jeanen France Lincoln NE US 1:04:59.0
Cynthia Bartlett Palm Bay FL US 0:53:47.0
Gayle Gaither Valrico FL US 1:07:00.0
Bobbie Hawthorne Red Oak OK US 0:38:36.0
Marci Whitesell Tipton IN US 0:33:21.0
Cyndi Bartel Palm Bay FL US 0:53:47.0
Cyndi Devers Anderson IN US 0:23:03.0 Cyndi's Run
Charlie Gaither Valrico FL US 1:07:44.0
Kim Minchue Pacific MO US 0:34:35.0
Lori Reckley Marco Island FL US 0:29:10.0
Trisha Preer Indianapolis IN US 1:24:00.0
Diana Henning Farmersburg IA US 0:50:00.0
Melissa Arabie Raceland LA US 2:15:00.0
Susanna Goodman Terre Haute IN US 0:49:51.0
Jill Hanson Verona WI US 0:41:54.0
Tanya Pavao Attleboro MA US 0:35:02.0
Michelle Hinn Piermont NY US 0:50:00.0
Karina Molano Laredo TX US 0:38:52.0
Dora Harmon Reelsville IN US 0:37:00.0
Stephen Harmon Reelsville IN US 0:29:23.0
Andrea Hidalgo San Diego CA US 0:32:09.0
Anthony Billups Richmond CA US 0:27:20.0
Lisa Ryder Montclair NJ US 0:34:50.0
Mary Jane Leidal Shelby Township MI US 0:39:02.0
Mariuca Tuxbury Attleboro MA US 0:37:52.0
Christina Keel Fishers IN US 0:58:47.0
Lucynda Cyndi Bartel Palm Bay Florida US
Debra K Shissler Dell Rapids SD US 2:30:04.0
Cara Geary Fishers IN US 0:28:28.2
Christian Geary Fishers IN US 0:25:07.6
Mellissa Franzen West Lafayette IN US 0:33:45.0
Anita Santiago Florissant MO US 0:57:27.0
Ki Ki Greenwell Greenwood IN US 0:38:46.0
Jennifer Knauss Three Rivers MI US 0:43:45.0
Molly Hartman Carmel IN US 0:46:15.4