2016 Caribbean Christmas Virtual Race

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5K Run/Walk

Name City State Country Time
Susanna Goodman Terre Haute IN US 0:49:18.0
Debra Shissler Dell Rapids SD US 0:45:00.0
Kelly Stark Peoria IL US 0:35:23.0
Mandy Harris Robinson IL US 0:25:58.0
Shelley Snyder Antwerp OH US 0:34:16.0
Aeriel Snyder Antwerp OH US 0:26:24.0
Gabriella Snyder Antwerp OH US 0:35:18.0
Bernadette Taranto Leland NC US 0:39:31.4
Loretta Mansell Springdale AR US 0:35:21.0
Kristi Rathunde Chicago IL US 0:39:12.0
Saundra Lewis Tewksbury MA US 0:48:17.0
Megan Pope Rapid City SD US 0:38:20.0
Amy Keester Rapid City SD US 0:38:20.0
Erin Conley Chicago IL US 0:47:12.0
Kelly McGovern Chicago IL US 0:47:12.0
Sue Peterson Delta UT US 0:25:03.3
Lori Jacobs Shelbyville IN US 0:35:58.0
John Filar Beaverton OR US 1:04:21.0
Beth Gootee Indianapolis IN US 0:56:45.0
Kahla Hewitt Marion IN US 0:33:08.0
April Morrical Marion IN US 0:33:08.0
Tamiko McGurk Kingman IN US 0:44:45.0
Jennifer Martin Tonganoxie KS US 0:36:00.0
Jennie Baudendistel Indianapolis IN US 0:40:03.0
Selen Barr Newburgh IN US 0:47:10.9
Melody Powers Dover FL US 0:37:13.0
Lesley Bement Myrtle Beach SC US 0:52:04.0
Bethany Weiss Beech Grove IN US 0:41:33.0
Marlo Smith Avon IN US 0:38:42.0
Tracy Villarreal Forest Grove OR US 1:01:24.0
Jaxon Villareal Forest Grove OR US 0:55:00.0
Sebastian Villareal Forest Grove OR 0;55:00.0
Jeff Heiking Fishers IN US 0:32:47.0
Niccole Olsen Auburn IN US 0:35:23.0

Half Marathon

Name City State Country Time
Christine Keough Indianapolis IN US 2:48:00.0
Andy Ahonen Belmont MI US 1:59:21.0
Sharon Hancock Flora IN US 3:10:03.0
Anthony Ripley Westfield IN US 2:48:10.0
Crystal Stringham Hooper UT US 2:33:57.0
Sherry Osier Little Elm TX US 2:05:41.0
Elizabeth Magee-Thomsen Loma Linda CA US 3:13:26.0
Lori Bochon Moscow PA US 2:00:00.0
Jessica Durbin Terre Haute IN US 3:39:55.0
Judy Sheldon Terre Haute IN US 3:39:55.0
April Comer Terre Haute IN US 3:39:55.0
Rhond Hatley Jacksonville FL US 2:43:00.0
Milissa Leake Lafayette IN US 3:10:00.0
Krista Dayhoff Clay City IN US 2:28:45.0
Carl Palma Indianapolis IN US 1:41:13.0
Teresa Chmelir Lake Mary FL US 2:11:23.0