2016 Bolt for the Heart 5k Virtual Race

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5K Run/Walk

Name City State Country Time
Shane Griffin Vevay IN US 0:24:31.2
Matt Voorhees Crawfordsville IN US 0:26:23.0
Beth Gootee Indianapolis IN US 0:56:45.0
Brianne Robbins Indianapolis IN US 0:48:00.0
Susan Steele Fort Wayne IN US 0:47:00.0
Anthony Casto Fort Wayne IN US 0:35:17.0
Logan House Ossian IN US 0:19:30.5
Brandon Gray Martinsville IN US 0:26:32.0
Kevin Jeffries Covington IN US 0:27:42.0
Kyle Harris Robinson IL US 0:28:13.0
Christina Keel Fishers IN US 0:51:46.0
Lisa House Ossian IN US 0:30:15.0
Jason House Ossian IN US 0:27:53.0
Larissa Porter Indianapolis IN US 0:52:00.0
Amanda Malone Greenwood IN US 0:54:00.0
Melinda McIntyre Bloomington IN US 0:55:05.0
Jennifer Savage Warsaw IN US 0:34:59.0
Saundra Lewis Tewksbury MA US 0:46:10.0
Epifania Estremera Ardmore PA US 1:18:55.5
Ryan House Ossian IN US 0:25:42.2
Jennifer Bennett Fishers IN US 0:58:08.0
Megan Fisher Warsaw IN US 0:35:49.0
Magaly Thurman APO AP US 0:26:39.0
Kristie Dixon New Albany IN US 0:39:42.9
Paul Misner Greenfield IN US 0:46:00.0
Jacqueline Kremer Waveland IN US 0:33:32.0
Todd Reynolds Greenfield IN US 0:50:00.0
Heather Crystal Avon IN US 0:29:20.0
Kim Daywalt Pendleton IN US 0:42:16.0
Mark Ahonen Greenfield IN US 0:32:13.0
Jason Allen Evansville IN US 0:30:42.0
Eric Perkins Muncie IN US 0:40:15.0
Rylie Perkins Muncie IN US 0:40:15.0
Trina Stuller West Lafayette IN US 0:45:10.8
Kimberly Zelnis Crown Point IN US 0:34:14.0
Lamyra Davila Lafeyette IN US 0:45:10.8
Courtney Deno Lafayette IN US 0:36:23.0
Hannah Buck St Joseph MI US 0:26:03.0
Samantha Partridge Carmel IN US 0:30:33.23
Deborah Karns West Lafayette IN US 0:57:16.5
Angela Witham Richmond IN US 0:32:25.9
Garlene Greathouse Markleville IN US 1:20:00.0
Joelle Melki Fishers IN US 1:06:00.0
Amy Bruce Markleville IN US 0:47:59.0
Nathan Choler Elkhart IN US 0:24:23.0
Krista Brown Carmel IN US 1:06:17.0
Christina Brown Crothersville IN US 1:08:21.0
Angie Huser Noblesville IN US 1:08:03.0
Michael Phelps Cayuga IN US 0:52:30.0
Stacie Stutzman Peru IN US 0:30:12.0
Charlie Stutzman Peru IN US 0:25:06.0
Nicole Hoffman Evansville IN US 0:23:49.0
Katelyn Macri Markleville IN US 1:03:15.0
Charles Milton Odon IN US 0:29:42.0
Lauren Milton Odon IN US 0:29:42.0
Jamie Simpson Terre Haute IN US 0:34:30.0
Eva Tomlinson Indianapolis IN US 0:45:20.0
Jeff Tomlinson Carmel IN US 0:45:25.0
Matthew Davis Napolean OH US 0:25:20.0
Steven Holland Seymour IN US 0:48:30.0
Shelley Snyder Antwerp OH US 0:33:41.0
Gina Wittles Carmel IN US 0:32:35.0
Brooke Shoemaker Cory IN US 0:34:00.0